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  • Stahlwille: Preventing Downtime Is The Professionals Greatest Asset
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    Stahlwille: Preventing Downtime Is The Professionals Greatest Asset

    I’m eleven years in the tool business and this is the second time I’ve sent in a box of defective warranty to Stahlwille, so I figured I should document this for the world to see.   It’s kinda like seeing a unicorn, it just doesn’t happen very often.  So the last time I submitted a

  • We Now Welcome Wera Brand Screwdrivers
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    We Now Welcome Wera Brand Screwdrivers

    We have added Wera brand screw drivers to our existing lines. These screwdrivers and drive tools are very innovative and priced just right. They Have a great design team and offer sets, singles, bits, torque tools, and everything in between.       Call us now (877) 888-3245  

  • GT-NBlaster Setup Tutorial Video
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    GT-NBlaster Setup Tutorial Video

    Go To The GT-Nblaster Product Page Here: http://thegermantooltruck.com/product/gt-nblaster/ This 9 minute Video is a tutorial that answers most of the common questions we get asked on how to unpackage and setup your GT-NBlaster for the first time use.  In this example I show Kit G but the process is the same for all of our

  • Stahlwille Screwdriver Blowout!
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    Stahlwille Screwdriver Blowout!

    Stahlwille is blowing out a bunch of screwdrivers from flatblade, torx, phillips, stubby, to electricians profile.  Check out this flyer and order while supplies last.  There is a special promotion as well.  Order over $200.00 and get an additional 10 % off!       Call us now (877) 888-3245  

  • Stahlwille Automotive Sales Flyer 2014
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    Stahlwille Automotive Sales Flyer 2014

    Stahlwille is running an Automotive Sales Flyer through 2014. You can download the flyer here or see it below. 2014 stahlwille automotive sales flyer   Call us to place your orders. Call us now (877) 888-3245  

  • Gedore Magic Promotional 2014
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    Gedore Magic Promotional 2014

      The German Tool Truck is pleased to announce that we are leading the charge with a Gedore Product line special flyer on 200 awesome items with significant savings compared to retail. Find the PDF of 40 pages of tools and a pricelist below that. You must mention this sales flyer to get these special

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