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  • BMW N62 Secondary air tool P0491 P0492
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    BMW N62 Secondary air tool P0491 P0492

    Among the many things I did today the most fun was to deliver another N62SA today.  The BMW had 150K on it and the secondary air ports were completely full of rock hard carbon. PS. The drill jig mounts to the head above the exhaust manifold so you don’t have to remove the exhaust manifold,

  • N62 Secondary Air Drill Jig Updated Version
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    N62 Secondary Air Drill Jig Updated Version

      So the N62SA has been upgraded and replaced by the N62SA-NEW.  This tool uses hardened drill bushings that can be relocated down the head so that only one alignment jig is used.  This allows for a faster and more efficient process to be carried out.  By not removing the alignment jig a more accurate

  • April’s Postcard
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    April’s Postcard

    We’ve mailed out our first postcard and I’m sure you want to know more about the German Tool Truck. Well, our online catalog is being built out right now to include over 50,000 items that cover all types of general and special automotive tools. Until the catalog is imported you can subscribe to the upper

  • BMW N62 Valve Spring Compressor
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    BMW N62 Valve Spring Compressor

    1: Universal – Works on all types cylinder heads. BMW, VW, Audi, Porsche, Mini Cooper, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Mazda,… 2: N62 is faster if you remove the cams. You’re not saving any time leaving the cams in because removing the cams takes about 20 minutes and then you can go right down the head, valve

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