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BMW N62 Secondary air tool P0491 P0492
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BMW N62 Secondary air tool P0491 P0492

Among the many things I did today the most fun was to deliver another N62SA today.  The BMW had 150K on it and the secondary air ports were completely full of rock hard carbon.

PS. The drill jig mounts to the head above the exhaust manifold so you don’t have to remove the exhaust manifold, but in this case the customer wanted to.


Here is a pic of the drill jig mounted on the head as the technician drills through the casting.  The Jig drills at just the correct angle.
drill jig

Here is the technician using the small drill bit to pull the carbon out of the port.
wicking carbon

That was the first port the technician cleaned and it took less than 5 minutes as they consulted with the instructions.


Here are the instructions and youtube video.






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