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BMW N62 Valve Spring Compressor
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BMW N62 Valve Spring Compressor

1: Universal – Works on all types cylinder heads. BMW, VW, Audi, Porsche, Mini Cooper, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Mazda,…

2: N62 is faster if you remove the cams. You’re not saving any time leaving the cams in because removing the cams takes about 20 minutes and then you can go right down the head, valve by valve, without continually changing the timing of the crank.

2A: Drop Engine with tranny and front subframe 1.5 Hours

2B: Remove Cams 20 Minutes

2C: Complete first cylinder head in 1 Hour

2D: Complete second cylinder head in 1 Hour

2E: Engine being resealed after 4 hours of work.

2F: Engine going back in car the same day!

3: Don’t forget to sale the Air Injection Port cleaning too on the N62’s.

4:  With the cams out of the way the keepers and springs are easily accessed.

5: This tool allows the crank to be locked on TDC so when you put compressed air into the cylinder to hold the valves up the crank won’t rotate.


Replace leaky valve stem seals in or out of the car.  This compact valve spring compressor is universal as well.  Cuts a 4 day job down to one day now that you don’t have to remove the heads.



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