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September ’14 Mailer
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September ’14 Mailer

We’ve started mailing out the September postcard. These exclusive items are among the over 50,000 tools that we sell to cover all types of general and special automobile repairs. Until our online catalog is populated just give us a call to place you orders. You can subscribe to the upper right. As important tools become available we post them here and forward that information to our subscribers. Please include yourself on this list of cutting edge tools for the professional technician.  We Service the Complete line of Stahlwille, Hazet, Klann, Gedore, Mueller-Keups, and other fine German tool brands.

If you have an interest in any of the products on the mailer or have other German auto tool needs, please call us and we will be glad to serve you.Untitled - 20 inside 85 x 11 post2 revised11192014




Go To The GT-Nblaster Product Page Here: http://thegermantooltruck.com/product/gt-nblaster/

The First item highlighted is our Walnut Blaster for direct injection vehicles.

We offer this kit in 6 different minor variations and 1 Complete Master Kit.


Tool Kit P/N. GT-NBLASTER (With Options)

Kit A is BMW N54, and N55 and Mini Cooper N14, N16, and N18 model engines.

Kit B is the VW/Audi FSI & TSI kit that also is capable of doing BMW N73 v12 engines.

Kit C is a combination of Kit A and Kit B.

Kit D is the BMW Diesel engine kit.

Kit E is a combination of Kit A and Kit D.

Kit F is a combination of Kit B and Kit D

Kit G is the Complete Master Kit that covers all BMW gas & diesel models, MINI, and VW/Audi vehicles.

Download the GT-NBlaster Instructions here











Leave the Heads On – Drop the Engine!

Here is the instruction booklet that comes with the tool kit. The Heads are off in the images below just for clarification purposes but this task is meant to be done with the heads on.

n62sa1 n62sa2 n62sa3 n62sa4




Our third tool is the valve spring compressor for “in-the-car” valve spring work.  It would be a good suggestion to do the valve stem seals on the N62 while the engine is out making that task much easier but if you want to do the job in the car then this kit will help.  This Tool kit will work on all BMW’s and Mercedes Benz’s both gas and Diesel and is compact enough that when fully assembled fits inside the engine compartment for in the car work.  We have even sold these for Toyota/Lexus vehicles with bad valve stem seals too!










The last tool that we are highlighting in our flyer is a set of diagnostic instruments that are sensitive enough to measure crank case vacuum on late and new model vehicles. This tool kit comes complete in a case with two gauges of low and high ranges, a cap that connects to the valve cover on all Mercedes Benz, BMW, VW and Audi models, a pouch of universal fittings making it easy to connect to a vacuum line or dipstick tube for threaded caps like Mini Cooper and Porsche, and a spec sheet for BMW and MINI Cooper is also included for easy diagnosis of those models.


The procedure for diagnosing a bad oil separator is as easy as installing the tool on the valve cover, turning the engine on and waiting for the high idle to come down and then with the spec sheet you can diagnose the oil separator in a matter of seconds. The Old technique of trying to lift off the oil cap while the engine is running is no longer applicable because these newer cars operate normally at such high vacuum levels that the cap sticks under normal conditions making that test ineffective.


 evap & ccv tool kit revised 11192014


2) Vacuum/Pressure gauges with hanging brackets.

1) Cap & hose (BMW/MBZ/VW/AUDI)

1) Spec sheet for BMW/MINI

1) Universal fitting pouch for other makes & models.

1) Protective carrying case.


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