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  • Each took kit comes with the 25 lbs. volume Walnut Shell Hopper and Carbon Blaster Gun with 7 ft. Hose.
  • Each Kit comes with 2 Gas Nozzles, or 3 Diesel Nozzles, or all 5 Nozzles depending on coverage.
  • Plug-and-Play ready to go.
  • For use in confined areas, the versatile nozzles and intake runners make for a clean and easy carbon blasting of dirty intake ports and valves.
  • The German Tool Truck original product that comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • The unique function of the GT-Nblaster inhibits rust from compressed air condensation with it’s complete powder-coating of the Hopper and components made from rust free materials.
  • Because walnut shell and compressed air are combined at the end of the gun clumping of walnut shell is prevented making for easy flow and the most efficient use of walnut shell.
  • Attach a wet/dry vacuum to the top of the intake runner so that as you blast with walnut shell the material is evacuated in a clean cycle.
  • Custom runners are in design for all makes and models so check back frequently.

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