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GT-CVAH Parasitic Draw and Amperage Tester
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GT-CVAH Parasitic Draw and Amperage Tester

Parasitic Draw eats up diagnostic time.

The Old Way:
Pulling fuses one by one, waiting for the CAN network to fall back asleep, stuffing a bunch of wires in your ammeter clamp, messing with multimeter test leads, visually checking continuity on your multimeter… the list goes on.

This is how it is NOW!:
Now there is a tool that makes parasitic draw much easier to diagnose. Leave your multimeter and ammeter clamps in your toolbox and grab the GT-CVAH.

The GT-CVAH does all this:
1)  Incorporates audible tones that identify open, active, and inactive circuits so you don’t have to continually look at your multimeter. (We all know how tight BMW fuse blocks can be when you have to check fuses behind the dash.)
2)  Diagnoses Amp flow through a fuse WITHOUT removing the fuse!
3)  Accuracy range down to .005Amps.
4)  Amp range from 5 to 50 Amps.
5)  Covers MAXI, MINI, and STANDARD fuses. gt-cvah-parasitic-draw-amperage-tester-flyer

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