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Stahlwille: Preventing Downtime Is The Professionals Greatest Asset
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Stahlwille: Preventing Downtime Is The Professionals Greatest Asset

I’m eleven years in the tool business and this is the second time I’ve sent in a box of defective warranty to Stahlwille, so I figured I should document this for the world to see.   It’s kinda like seeing a unicorn, it just doesn’t happen very often.  So the last time I submitted a warranty return for Stahlwille products was like 2010.  No joke, 5 years worth of warranties for Stahlwille have just fit in a 3″ x 6″ x 3″ box and I still have to put packaging paper inside to keep the box from rattling.  Stahlwille’s margin of error for defects in workmanship and materials within 2 years is less than 1%.


44 items later:  If you do the math that’s 9 items a year which is less than one broken item a month!




 Commonly said in the industry: “I buy from the Big 4 Tool Man because He comes by and warranties my broken stuff, but lately he hasn’t been coming by because I haven’t been buying anything.”  If you go ask the other tool truck brands how many warranties they handle a year you will see big 50+ pound boxes across the board.  Any brand that is willing to warranty a tool forever is guaranteeing that their tools are made-in-china and break so often that the warranty is the only justification to buy the tool.  Stahlwille’s warranty guarantees all manufactures defects in workmanship and quality of materials are rectified immediately.


What is the true cost of your lifetime-warranty:  If you are a professional and your shop labor rate is $100 dollars an hour that comes out to $1.67 a minute for billable time.  If you have a car on the rack and your tool breaks it’s costing you $1.67 a minute loss in productivity.  That lifetime warranty tool is not worth a half hour wait for your Big 4 Tool Man to drop another one off even if its free.  30x$1.67=$50 in billable dollars lost every time that lifetime warranty tool breaks.  Lifetime tools are like lifetime parts.  As you know, the only guarantee a lifetime warranty on parts gives you is a guarantee that you will be replacing that part every 6 months, cuz it really comes with a guarantee to fail.  Stahlwille has proven reliability and is the tool that holds up to professional use!


Tools break when you desperately need them so minimize your downtime and go with Stahlwille!


Enjoy the pic! 😆 


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