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Mercedes-Benz Power Steering Bracket Bolts Made Easy
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Mercedes-Benz Power Steering Bracket Bolts Made Easy

Mercedes Benz power steering pump bracket bolts go from the front and the back. The Front bolts are somewhat easy to access and remove but the back bolts are long and fully threaded. The clearance is very tight between the back of the power steering pump and the exhaust manifold making for a very hard job with ratchet movement of a few teeth at a time, if you can get to the bolt head without tearing up your forearm.

The GT-MBPS kit comes with the gear drive which is 12″ long and (2) E12 sockets, a straight to break the fastener free and a wobble to back it out with an air ratchet.

This Kit makes replacing the power steering pump a seamless operation.hot offer



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