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Common Rail Glow Plug Extractor Kit
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Common Rail Glow Plug Extractor Kit

Common rail glow plugs are very skinny and long creating a large surface for carbon to stick the glow plug into the head. When the shaft of the glow plug sticks the hex head shears off and you are left with a broken glow plug in the head. These glow plugs are 10mm or 8mm in diameter depending on the diesel engine being worked on i.e. OM647, OM642 & OM651, etc. making the margin of error very tight. Both Sprinters and Mercedes sedans use these glow plugs and you can expect to see them shear off if you service these models.

The GT-U1366 is a great tool and very easy to use. We extracted this glow plug in under 20 minutes time.  Watch the video.

hot offer glowplug


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