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BMW N62 Secondary Air Injection Repair Kit  PN/ N62SA
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BMW N62 Secondary Air Injection Repair Kit PN/ N62SA

First Things First.

1) Yes this tool actually works

2) Total time involved in this job is approx. 10 hours.  Most shops are charging in the 21-24 hour range for this job.

3) The only other long-term solution for the problem of low air flow is to remove the heads and hot tank them at about 6$k.


Everyone that has worked on BMW N62 engines from 2002-2007 knows that the P0491 and P0492 codes for Secondary Air flow too low are quite common.


Everyone is also familiar that there are temporary and messy solutions on the market that will get the car down the road until it is sold to some fool or to simply pass smog for a few months.  Now that this tool is on the market you can actually clean out the small capillaries that run down to each exhaust port and the main port giving you the ability to guarantee an actual long-term repair with significant savings to the customer.  Yes this tool actually works!


This Tool Kit comes with everything to clean out the main and secondary ports inside the cylinder head without having to remove the heads.  Just drop the engine cassette, mount the jigs, drill, clean, tap, and seal the holes with stainless steel plugs that come with the kit and then reinstall the engine cassette and ship the car.  Don’t forget to recommend valve stems seals at the same time because we all know the engine will need that as well.


This special has an introductory price until April 4th, 2014 so get yours while the special is on!



Watch the video on youtube of the job being done.  It shows the cylinder head off only for recording purposes but is intended to keep the cylinder head on the car!  Call now to place you orders (877) 888-3245.


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