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2012 VW Diesel Bent Camshafts
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2012 VW Diesel Bent Camshafts

I had a customer that got a 2012 VW 2.0 Diesel in with bent valves.  The valves hit the pistons so they removed the cylinder heads, sent them to the machine shop, and called me for the tools to re-time the engine.  After timing the engine they got very low compression and it took them a while to find out that the camshaft lobes had spun on the camshaft.

SIDE NOTE: Mercedes also uses hollow camshafts with pressed on lobes in their new 4 cylinder engines so it may be something to look for when rebuilding those engines as well.


The camshafts consist of a steel tube with pressed on lobes and bearing surfaces. 20161012_083159 20161012_083153 20161012_083325

See these lobes don’t line up

20161012_083304 20161012_083207Both Camshafts had lobes that spun.



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