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OX 36 H Recoilless wedge hammer


  • Suitable for safely driving in steel, aluminium and plastic wedges
  • For special surface protection = reduces material wear and thus longer service life of the wedges
  • Can also be used for driving in fence posts
  • Due to the special filling insert in the hammer head, a considerable higher striking force is reached compared to standard engineer’s and recoilless hammers
  • Dead blows with no recoil reduces stress on muscles, nerves and wrists
  • Splinter-proof, shatter-proof and wear-resistant polyamide heads, 75 Shore D, tested to -20° C
  • With high-quality hickory handle. End of handle rounded for extra comfort.

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Recoilless wedge hammer, Polyamid spare head (1 piece), Spare handle, hickory

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