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OX 16 H Axe ILTIS®-DOUBLE BIT Model Canada


Article No. OX 16 H-1008
Code # 1591223

Weight of head 1000 g
Width of cutting edge (a, b) 135 mm
Length (L, L1) 900 mm
Spare handle no. OX E-99 H-9000
Packing unit (PU) 1 Piece
Weight 1925 g
  • The top model of the Canadian lumbermen – with 2 edges, e.g. for two different cuts on one axe
  • For debarking, felling and cultivation
  • The uniformly thin blade, hardened virtually up to the eye, ensures a high utility value, long life and low weight
  • Can be easily re-sharpened by the user
  • Blade fine polished, with blade-protection
  • With high-quality hickory handle. End of handle rounded for extra comfort.

Additional Information

Weight 1.925 kg

Axe Twin-ILTIS, Model Canada, yellow

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