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Porsche Cam Lobe Timing Kit
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Porsche Cam Lobe Timing Kit

What does Porsche Motorsports do with a sealed engine that you’re not doing?

     Motorsports and “people in the know” are aware that when they build a racing engine, timing has to be set based on Measured Timing not simple Template Timing with the “Drop In” template tools.
     Factory assembled engines are delivered with up to 9 degrees of camshaft timing variation; this being the total variation between the four variable camshafts and the crankshaft relative to specification.  Those engines are set with Factory “Drop In” template tools!
     When “template” engines are manufactured, every engine comes out with variations of output, and because the ECU compensates for these mechanical errors with variable timing, there is no optimal individual tuning of each engine.
     The final product is that the ECU makes these engines compatible optimal emissions and an average performance.  The ECU is attempting to compensate for mechanical deviations.  That function results in a compromise of a very expensive race engine.
     This Tool Kit utilizes the “lobe center” method to precisely set the camshaft timing relative to the crankshaft.  This will allow the engine better valve train coordination throughout the RPM range and optimal horsepower and torque at top end!
     This Tool Kit is designed for 996 GT3 Cup, RS, RSR, & Street; GT2, 996TT, 997 Cup, et al.  This Tool Kit can be used on both mechanically operated and vario-cam plus engines.
     This Kit is Uncompromising In The Quality, is offered with steel components just like the factory design, and comes with three Starrett gauges as shown.  Attention to detail matters.  Are you racing De-tuned engines?


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