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Porsche Cam Lobe Center Timing
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Porsche Cam Lobe Center Timing

A customer of mine recently purchased our Porsche Cam Lobe Timing Kit and needed some help understanding how to use it so I got to have some fun time with the guys after I finished all my stops Friday afternoon and we timed the engine together.

For Starters, the drop in plugs 9661 and 9661/1 are a total waste of time and money if you want a properly timed engine.   Using our tool we timed the crank to find true TDC and the crank was 11 degrees off timing from the crank pulley notch to case half seam.   

If you build these engines it’s time to upgrade to our tool like this customer.  Our bridge tool provides maximum rigidity against flex by being an all steel construction.  The tool kit also comes with three Top-of-the-Line L. S. Starrett dial indicators.  This is not a DIY model but a high quality unit with complete attention to detail that Porsche Houses require.  Here are some pics of the tool in use on a 996 TT. Enjoy.



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Porsche Cam Lobe Timing Kit

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